One thing to keep in mind, anything a credit repair company can do, a consumer can do herself. It takes patience and diligence, but it can be done without paying someone else to do it. Credit counseling, however, is more about learning how to use money, and is well worth the fee. Register the business as a limited liability company. You first have to register the name of the credit repair business with the state in which it operates. Many business attorneys and experts suggest establishing a credit repair business as an LLC for its protective features and tax benefits. Get the training elsewhere like CCA. Thanks CCA. " J. Morrow EsqMy business partner paid thousands to become a certified credit consultant to start our business but we couldn't afford to send me and the team yet. But when he finished, mostly what he learned was how to use their software program that they were selling. This is the actual reason their prices were much more.

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We do not disturb active good credit and always advise our clients to continue to pay their regular bills on time.