Thanks again,Eathan More Testimonials Why a 5 Step Credit Repair Program?A 5 Step Credit Repair Program is 5 times more effective, yielding the highest possible increase in your credit scores in the shortest amount of time. FICO designed Credit Scores based on 5 very different fundamental factors. Knowing this, we've engineered a 5 Step Credit Repair Program that successfully repairs and improves all 5 of those factors. 5 Factors of Your Credit Score 5 Step Credit Repair Program Why EZ Credit Repair?We have been rated 1 in over all credit score increases for over 10 years. We pride ourselves in customer service and personal attention, customizing each repair. We are the only company that help you repair all 5 parts of your credit to get you the best results possible. Experience: Repairing credit and raising credit scores for over 13 years and we've never received a complaint from the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney Generals Office or the Federal Trade Commission. Education: We not only help you repair your credit, we strive to educate you on what credit is and how it works. We want you to know how to use and manage your credit for life!THE FORMULA TO OUR SUCCESS:By removing your "Bad Credit", we can strengthen your "Payment History" improving 35% of your credit scores!By "Rapid Rescoring" your existing accounts, we can rapidly update your balances improving 30% of your credit scores!By adding "Seasoned Trade lines", we can introduce a longer "Length of Credit History" improving 15% of your credit scores!By adding different "Types of Credit", you will show diversity improving 10% of your credit scores!By "Removing Inquiries", we can reduce the "Numberof Inquiries", improving 10% of your credit scores!OUR GUARANTEE!With our 30 day money back guarantee, there is no risk to you, so why not?Get started now and see results in as little as 5 7 days. Don't put this off any longer, the time to get started is now!Our Credit Experts are ready to assist you, call us at Toll Free: 866 979 1099Why do I need Joe's Credit Repair service?How do I know my personal information is safe?How long does it take to improve my credit?Can I apply for credit while my credit is under repair?What payment methods do you accept?What is your Refund Policy?When I receive mail from creditors or credit bureaus what should I do with them?Why doesn't Joe's Credit Repair accept faxed credit reports?How can bad credit be legally repaired?How does Joe's Credit Repair help repair bad credit?Do you guarantee your credit repair service?How do I get updates on my case?Why does Joe's Credit Repair need updated credit reports?How long do negative items stay on a credit report?Why are automatic drafts or credit cards required?Amy Loftsgordon is a legal editor at Nolo, focusing on foreclosure, collections, and debt management. She writes for several sites, including Nolo. When you resume regular payments, though, you may have to pay an additional amount toward the past due total. Other lenders may agree to change the terms of the mortgage by extending the repayment period to reduce the monthly debt. Ask whether additional fees would be assessed for these changes, and calculate how much they total in the long term. If your financial problems stem from too much debt or your inability to repay your debts, a credit counseling agency may recommend that you enroll in a debt management plan DMP. A DMP alone is not credit counseling, and DMPs are not for everyone. Don’t sign up for one of these plans unless and until a certified credit counselor has spent time thoroughly reviewing your financial situation, and has offered you customized advice on managing your money.

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